A Success Story

Amy has grown up not knowing her father so her mother has worked long and hard to care for her daughter and provide the essentials of everyday living, a roof over their heads and food on the table. At age 13 Amy started to be influenced by other kids in similar situations, staying out late after school and not letting her Mom know where she was while developing an unhealthy attitude toward life. Her mom worried that she was headed down the wrong path. When she heard about the after school program of Hip Hop at the local community centre, she knew that this might be a way to get her daughter into a supervised group where she might make some new friends. She knew Amy loved to dance so she told her about the class and crossed her fingers. Amy went just so her Mom would be happy and stop bugging her so much. But wow! she loved the class! She went every week. The dance teacher recognized her natural talent and she felt wonderful. The teacher told her about the dance program at a high school for the arts and Amy just knew she had to go to that high school. She worked with the teacher and arranged an audition and, believe it or not, she was accepted.

Amy is now in grade 10, attends school every day, never misses a class and has made some awesome new friends. She even auditioned for a competitive group in her home town and was accepted. The Chance 2 Dance was able to support her passion.

Her Mom thanks The Chance 2 Dance Foundation every day for running those amazing classes at the community centre, believing in her daughter and giving her an opportunity she herself never had while growing up. Both mother and daughter know that the sky is the limit now and nothing will stop Amy from being the very best that she can be.

Wonderful things happen when you open the door to opportunity